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Nimble Therapy provides a unique approach to therapy that centers occupation, the things a person wishes to do, in the therapeutic approach. We know that struggle can stem from a variety of sources including social (in)justice, environmental, physical, familial, and individual/internal challenges. Nimble Therapy does not value assimilation and encourages clients to be their full-selves. 



Kaycee Hinckley

Occupational Therapist


Kaycee Hinckley (she/her) is a white, intersex, queer parent who has many years of experience in educational and therapeutic services. She is passionate about supporting families to enjoy their children in all of their brilliance and difference. She has a background in education as an arts educator (circus, theater), elementary educator, outpatient pediatrics occupational therapist, and school-based occupational therapist. Her work is inspired by a multitude of sources and muses. She is grateful to all of the black/brown non-binary and trans queers who are visioning our next world, decolonizing lands , and making abolition-thinking possible. I appreciate the opportunity to work and live on the lands of the Tewa, Tiwa, and Apache people. 

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