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Sliding Scale

I offer sliding scale services because I want to be able to support my whole community, I also need to make sure I'm supporting myself. Occupational therapy is often paid for by insurance when accessed through an outpatient healthcare facility; I'm unable to meet outpatient clinic requirements with my current office capacity. However, I'm happy to provide you a bill and you can seek reimbursement from your insurance (this won't work for Medicaid, sorry). 

I can do it!  Cost: $125

I can comfortably pay for this and other treatments as needed.

This is the actual cost of my services. Check out this link to an excellent article from my friend and brilliant herbalist/breathworker, also your neighbor of  Jennifer Patterson on sliding scales. 

Sand Dunes

Pay it forward!   Cost: $150

Pay a little extra and I'll put your money to the side to subsidize the appointment of a community member in need of an additional discount. 

Things are a bit tight. Cost: $100

This appointment may be a stretch for me financially but is needed and do-able.  

Need more information about this price point? Check out this article from Worts + Cunning Apothecary with a great description of how to understand this category of payment. 

This is a lot for me.  Cost: $75

I need a significant discount to be able to book this appointment.

I want to be able to offer you support, this is the minimum amount I can charge to make the finances work out for me. If you need a free consultation consider joining me for my free, monthly in-person drop-in sessions at the Embudo Valley Library,

Image by Ben Curry

Carnelian Center Treatment

Carnelian Center Treatment: If you are seeing me at the Carnelian Center in Dixon, NM, please use this option. We can explore your payment options in person via the "Discount Treatment Program" or other sliding scale fees supported by this excellent community resource.

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